10th Green at Ocean Acres Country Club. In the foreground, is a blue and white checkered flag. Beyond the green is Holiday Lake that is bordered by large and dense trees, mostly pine trees.

Rating and Slope

What is Rating and Slope?

Rating and slope are two metrics that represent the difficulty of a particular golf course. Furthermore, at one golf course, there are several rating and slope values, one for each tee marker and then for men and women. Ocean Acres Country Club is USGA rated so each tee marker has a rating and slope.

The rating shows the relative difficulty of a golf course for scratch golfers. In other words, it is the expected score for a scratch golfer to shoot from the associated tee markers.

Unlike course rating, a course's slope is not a representation of a golf score. Instead, slope is a number on the range from 55 to 155. 113 is the neutral or "average" slope. The higher the slope, the more difficult the course. The lower the slope, the easier the course. Slope is used to represent the difficulty for a bogey golfer. A slope of 113 indicates a standard course difficulty for a bogey golfer.

Lastly, rating and slope are necessary to calculate a score differential, which is a measurement of the performance of a specific round taking into account the golfer's score as well as the golf course's level of difficulty. If you have a GHIN account, this calculation is performed for you when you post a score.

Men's Rating and Slope

Tee Marker USGA Rating/Slope
18-Hole Front Nine Back Nine
71.7 / 130 35.6 / 130 36.1 / 130
69.9 / 128 35.0 / 127 34.9 / 129
68.6 / 124 34.6 / 124 34.0 / 124

Women's Rating and Slope

Tee Marker USGA Rating/Slope
18-Hole Front Nine Back Nine
75.7 / 129 37.6 / 126 38.3 / 131
73.5 / 128 36.5 / 124 37.0 / 131
71.0 / 124 35.8 / 122 35.2 / 125
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