10th Green at Ocean Acres Country Club. In the foreground, is a blue and white checkered flag. Beyond the green is Holiday Lake that is bordered by large and dense trees, mostly pine trees.

GFCRD Calculator

About The GFCRD Calculator...

There are different types of discount plans available at OACC. Dependent upon various factors, such as the number of rounds of golf that you believe you will be able to play, and when you are able to play them, between now and 2/29/24, one plan type will be more suited to you over the others. By making selections in the calculator below, your cost (including any discounts and rebates) will be displayed at the bottom of this page.

This calculator is not a means by which you can purchase a plan at OACC. An application packet is available to download. Alternatively, you can visit us and pick up a paper application in person.

Important Information

Designated Holidays

  • Good Friday (4/7/23)
  • Memorial Day (5/29/23)
  • Independence Day Observed (7/3/23 & 7/5/23)
  • Labor Day (9/4/23)
  • Columbus Day (10/9/23)
  • Black Friday (11/24/23)

°Exclusion Dates & Times: On the dates, 7/3/23, 7/4/23, 7/5/23, 35/45 Planholders will not be afforded plan pricing from 6:00 AM until 12:00 PM; on any Weekend Day from 5/26/23 thru 6/25/23, 35/45 Planholders will not be afforded plan pricing from 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM; on any day from 6/30/23 thru 9/4/23, not described previously, 35/45 Planholders will not be afforded plan pricing from 7:30 AM until 10:30 AM.

Natural Weekend Days (Saturday & Sunday), Fridays from 5/26/22 thru 9/8/22, 9/15/22, 9/22/22, as well as the Designated Holidays are considered Weekend Days for purposes of determining golf course availability and pricing. All other days shall be considered Weekday Days.

ΔProof of age must be supplied at the time of purchase. A copy of your driver's license with photo ID must be presented. Provided that your date of birth is 5/15/1958 or before, you will be eligible for the Super Senior w/Carts Plan.

GFCRD Calculator

Step 1 — Choose a Plan:

Individual w/ Carts

Green Fee and Powered Cart Rental is pre-paid insofar that the Planholder plays said round of golf with a starting time during the term of the Plan.

Super Senior w/ Carts

Green Fee and Powered Cart Rental is pre-paid insofar that the Planholder is (65) sixty-five years of age as of May 15, 2023Δ and plays said round of golf, on a Weekday Day, during the term of the Plan. If Planholder plays a round of golf, on a Weekend Day, the price for said round of golf (greens fee + powered cart rental) shall be reduced by 10% of the published Open rate for the respective starting time.


The Planholder may play a round of golf during the term of the Plan such that the price for each round of golf (greens fee + powered cart rental), subject to the Exclusion Dates & Times°, is fixed as follows: $35.00 when playing on a Weekday Day and $45.00 when playing on a Weekend Day.

Step 2 — Promotions:

South Jersey Club Member Crossgrade

You may be contemplating the idea of moving and making OACC your home course. For a limited time, until 12/15/22, any individual purchasing a 2023 GFCRD Plan, not presently a planholder at an All-Fore Club facility, who can show proof of current membership at another golf course in South Jersey, that is not an All-Fore Club facility, and does not use a credit/debit card to purchase a GFCRD plan, will be entitled to a 5% rebate. Upon submission of application, payment, along with an acceptable form of proof (member card, receipt, etc.), your application will be proceesed and you can expect your rebate within 10 business days.

Step 3 — Learn Your Cost:

Please complete the above form to learn your cost.


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