Thank You for considering a GFCRD Plan at Ocean Acres C.C.

Plan choices at OACC are Simple and Straightforward!!

You can choose between a Standard, Premium or percentage discount plan.

Determining Plan Type

If you are a golfer that plays multiple times per week for the majority of the golf season, choosing the Standard or Premium plan would be a good choice. For the individual not sure if a commitment can be made for that heavy a schedule, the new 25/10 plan could be what will provide you with the best pricing. See how much your plan will cost you by using our GFCRD Calculator.

The 25/10 Plan

A new plan for the 2021 Golf Season is the 25/10 Plan. Throughout the year, the golf shop publishes the cost for a green fee and cart rental, otherwise known as a Ride ‘ n Play fee. This new discount plan, based on a percentage reduction, applies to all published rates, with the exception of rates designated as Special (such as a senior special) or Twilite. This plan is suited for the golfer who doesn’t have the time to commit to a heavier golf play schedule, but enjoys playing somewhat frequently. To determine the price for your round of golf, it is dependent on the starting time. If the starting time is deemed to occur within PrimeTime*, then a 10% reduction based upon the published rate is applied, otherwise a 25% reduction is applied. PrimeTime* is defined on the GFCRD Calculator page.

Handicap Services

OACC offers the USGA GHIN Handicap Computation Service. Each of the GFCRD Plans, except the Performance Plans, includes this service. The Active Season in NJ is from April 1 through November 14, each year.  Shortly before the beginning of the 2021 Active Season, the Handicap Computation Applications will be made available.

Other Services

While at OACC, you can enjoy the complete food and beverage amenities. In "The 19th Hole", our sports bar, there is plenty on the menu, either before your round, during or after; breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you miss the opportunity before you tee off, you can stop by after you have finished No. 9 on your way to the island green, picturesque, Hole 10. Out roving about, the courtesy cart will be bringing that needed beverage and/or snack. When you finish your round you might enjoy a beverage while sitting lake side at Holiday Lake.

If you find yourself in the position of coordinating a Golf Outing/Tournament, small or large, Ocean Acres has you covered with Complete Banquet & Catering facilities.


Although a GFCRD Plan Term runs from 3/1/21 to 2/28/22, you can begin playing golf as a Planholder as soon as we receive your completed application and payment.

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