Ocean Acres has catered many thousands of events. These events vary in nature, however, most all have a common theme — Food & Drink.

When it becomes time to determine the meal and/or bar that you plan on providing your guests, we have a multitude of menus, with delectable options, from which you can develop the perfect presentation. From the simple to sophisticated, all of our food items are universally exquisite. Our chef, kitchen and bar staff apply the same level of dedication to each element of your menu. Sautèed Chicken Marsala or Sautèed Chicken Oscar, Roast Porkloin au jus or Pork Chop in Apple Brandy Sauce, Steak Diane or Grilled Rib Eye w/ Caramelized Onions & Bleu Cheese, Broiled Flounder or Blackened Grouper – it doesn't matter, you and your guests will love it. So, please choose with confidence.

Yet, we understand, that the individual who best knows what sparks your interest, is you. After you have reviewed what we have to offer, and perhaps you do not see that special something, please be sure to ask. At OACC, we are interested in making your event one that you will be satisfied with and one that you will remember.

Although it has become the popular trend in recent years, buffets were once not as prevalent. There is a certain elegance that comes with a Sit Down Dinner (or Lunch) – your guests may appreciate their dinner being served. Yet, food presented in buffet style does lend itself to a casual atmosphere with the choices being laid directly in the hands of your guests. Either one of these styles of presentation is as good as the other. Once again, the one to choose is the one that suits you and is matched to the level of distinctiveness that you are looking for.

Perhaps your function is a corporate event. Ocean Acres has the menu that you need for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Often, our corporate patrons make a day of it – a continental breakfast to start, followed by meetings, break for lunch, and then wrap it up with additional meetings or a time for socializing among colleagues. Certainly, corporate events aren't reserved for daytime, exclusively. Many companies hold awards ceremonies, honorary commemorations, holiday parties, retirement dinners, etc., at night. OACC has seen them all — we look forward to working with your company as well.

No matter which menu you choose for your affair, we believe it is beneficial to discuss your interests and expectations with our staff. Typically, our patrons contact us and the first of many conversations begins, onward to a rewarding and successful event. In an effort to aid you in preparing questions, you can download our menus. Hard copies with pricing is available via the mail, however, you can review this information with our staff over the phone as well.

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